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Reviews of The Things With Wings

"It was the best book I have ever read, and last summer I read more than 200 books."
-- Katie Uze, Grade 6
Washington Times

"This first novel hearkens back to Langton's The Fledgling and further back to Nesbit....The writing is deft and light...and allusions...are wittily made."
-- The Horn Book

"Holch's first novel is full of mystery and excitement...a terrific read-aloud or a good choice for group discussion. Pair it with Lynne Reid Banks's Fairy Rebel for hearty fantasy stories about winged creatures. (Gr 5-8)"
-- School Library Journal

"Holch...lets readers delight in his creative story. Lighter and more whimsical than the works of Madeleine L'Engle and T.A. Barron, this will be enjoyed by fans of those authors."
-- Voice of Youth Advocates

"Holch packs this allegorical tale with plenty of far-out flights of fancy...and keeps the pace going at a clip by adding layers of curiosities.... This book will appeal to those who like their fantasy thick and deep. (Ages 10-13)"
-- Publishers Weekly

"The characters soar in this thoroughly metaphorical fantasy from newcomer Holch...reminiscent of Kevin Henkes's novels.... Readers will devour the story and hope for more fantasy musings from Holch in the future."
-- Kirkus Reviews

"Combines an old-fashioned sort of storytelling with a modern sense of girls as adventurers. This first novel might make a good classroom read-aloud choice, teaching children quite painlessly about butterflies and metamorphosis while entertaining them with intriguing characters and an imaginative plot. (Gr. 4-6)"
-- Booklist

The Things with Wings
by Gregory J. Holch

The Things with Wings, hardcover edition. Cover art by Josh Gosfield.

Something strange is going on in the town of Angel Falls. Something to do with the Emerald Rainbow butterflies that come to the town every spring. Something that the adults want to keep secret.

Newton and Vanessa intend to find out what’s going on. Why have all the other kids in their class suddenly disappeared? And who is the mysterious man in the black hat following them?

Newton and Vanessa’s adventure is about to take wing….

The Things with Wings, paperback edition. Cover art by Tristan Elwell.

ISBN 0-590-93501-1 (hardcover, 1998)
ISBN 0-590-93502-X (paperback, 1999)
The hardcover was published in a first edition (one impression only) of about 4,000 copies.

The Things with Wings paperback edition, back cover.

Information for librarians:
[Subject headings: 1. Butterflies--Fiction. 2. Flight--Fiction. 3. Metamorphosis--Fiction.]
PZ7.H6967Th 1998 [Fic]--dc21 97-10679

Here is the first page of The Things with Wings

1. The Emerald Rainbow

Every year, on the first warm, sunny day of
spring, the butterflies returned to the little
town of Angel Falls.

    In the same way that the swallows return each
spring to the town of San Juan Capistrano, or the
great flocks of millions of Monarch butterflies
travel each fall to a tiny four-acre valley in the
mountains of Mexico, the butterflies flew back to
Angel Falls.

    No one seemed to know why they came. They
didn't stay long -- only one week -- before continuing
their migration north. But for that one week
each spring, the town was literally covered with
the multicolored butterflies known as the
Emerald Rainbow.

    It was an afternoon near the end of April,
during spring vacation, and Newton Bellnap was
sitting under an apple tree in the middle of a field,
waiting for the first butterfly of spring.

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"Every year, on the first warm, sunny day of Spring, the butterflies returned to the little town of Angel Falls."
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