Gregory Holch,
just after publication of
The Things With Wings.
(I think I look a little like Newton, the boy on the front of the hardcover edition, yet I never met the artist who painted the cover.)

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The Things With Wings, hardcover edition, with cover art by Josh Gosfield

Eleven-year-old Newton and his classmate Vanessa, who is obsessed with butterflies and flying, undergo significant changes as they try to discover why the Emerald Rainbow butterflies return to Angel Falls every spring.

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Cover art by Chuck Jepsen and Phil Nelson

A collection of jokes about animals who live in the jungle. "What's black and white and has sixteen wheels? A zebra on roller skates!"

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Selected Works

"Every year, on the first warm, sunny day of Spring, the butterflies returned to the little town of Angel Falls."
Children's Jokes
"What's gray and has four legs and a trunk?" "A mouse on a safari."
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