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Greg Holch’s Library: A Blog

Library School: Part One

Master of Science Degree
Library and Information Science

And here it is...

My Master of Science degree in Library and Information Science.

I graduated in September, and the degree arrived a few weeks ago. I got straight A's.

For those of you just tuning in now, this is the conclusion of a story: my two-year journey through library school.

How did I end up in library school?

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The 4th Annual Biblioball

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Biblioball 2011: Biblio Noir
The Bell House
Brooklyn, NY

The Desk Set has just announced that tickets have gone on sale for the 4th annual Biblioball.

"Every winter the librarians of New York City let down their hair, dust off their dancing shoes and party with the literati. Archivists, authors, readers and nerds of all kinds gather to enjoy live music, trapeze, a bit of film and some of the city's finest DJs at Brooklyn's most wildly bookish event: the Desk Set's Biblioball."

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