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Greg Holch’s Library: A Blog

Lots of Lovely Long Letters!

Twenty long letters from the students in Mrs. Mason's fourth grade class!

Wow! What a surprise! I have received 20 lovely long letters from the students in Mrs. Mason's fourth grade class.

Thank you!

The class used The Things With Wings to study the genre "fantasy" and also to review many of the science concepts they had learned throughout the year.

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More Letters!

21 letters in beautifully illustrated envelopes
from Mrs. Ark's 2015 fourth grade class!

Mrs. Ark and her fourth grade class are the best! Several days ago I received an envelope with 21 letters about The Things With Wings, each one in a colorful envelope illustrated with scenes from the book.

The students had great comments about the book, and even asked me questions that no one had ever asked before. Thank you students. I hope that one day I will be reading YOUR books, and seeing YOUR artwork

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Letters! Letters! Letters!

Twenty great letters with colorful envelopes
from Mrs. Ark's fourth grade class!

Last week I received a big envelope from Mrs. Ark and her fourth grade class in Centereach, New York. Inside were twenty letters from the students in the class, and each letter was enclosed in an envelope illustrated with a colorful scene from The Things With Wings.

Mrs. Ark read The Things With Wings to her class a chapter at a time, and came up with some creative ways to use the book

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Thank You For the Letters

Lots of letters in the mail room!

I received a wonderful surprise in the mail this month. It was letters -- 18 letters from Ms. M's fifth grade class in Florida. The students had worked on a novel study about The Things with Wings, and everyone had sent me a handwritten letter about the book. A few students even drew pictures. (Monkeys seem to be popular in Florida at the moment.)

I thank Ms. M and the other teachers over the years who have told me that they have found creative ways to use

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