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Greg Holch’s Library: A Blog

Greg Holch at Post Road School

Greg Holch with the poster created by
Mrs. Carroll's students

On a magical evening this past week, the Post Road School in White Plains, New York hosted its 13th children's book "author/illustrator evening." The event happens only once every two years, and I was honored to participate as the author of The Things With Wings.

The event is organized by Lori Mollo and Anthony Russo, and more than 30 children's book authors and illustrators attended, including Gail Carson Levine, Vicki Cobb, Dan Greenburg, and Stephanie Calmenson. I took the train up from Grand Central Station with Melanie Hope Greenberg, Laurie Calkhoven, and Jan Carr.

In the school gym, the students had created posters based on the authors' books. Thank you to Mrs. Carroll's students for their wonderful poster based on

The Things With Wings.


Jan Carr


Laurie Calkhoven


Melanie Hope Greenberg

The event was a great way to bring authors and illustrators together with children and their parents, and I believe it helped the students see that the people who create books are real people, just like them.

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