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Greg Holch’s Library: A Blog

Hurricane Sandy in Greenwich Village

McDonald's awning
near Varrick and West Houston Streets

I have recently finished jury duty, which lasted for three months and three days from October 9, 2012 to January 11, 2013, and a lot has happened in that time period. Perhaps the biggest news was Hurricane Sandy, which hit New York City on Monday, October 29.

Water damage in a power station on 14th street on the east side of New York caused a blackout below 39th street which lasted for about five days. Wind damage was not too bad, but I did observe a number of signs which had blown off of buildings.

An awning blew off a McDonald's restaurant near the corner of Varrick and Houston Streets. I had always thought these awnings were made of sheet metal, but I was able to touch it and see that it was actually made of vinyl.

A beautiful old tree behind New York University's Silver Towers blew over, bending a metal fence, and extending across a sidewalk and into Houston Street.


Old tree falls
behind NYU's Silver Towers

There was no heat, hot water, electricity, or cell phone service in our apartment, but we did have gas and cold water and landline phone service. New York University provided battery charging services and free computer use to community residents in the lobby and lower floors of Bobst Library.


Greenwich Village residents
recharging at Bobst Library

Despite the hardships, we were very lucky compared to some of our neighbors on Staten Island, other parts of New York, and even in Connecticut.

(Photos copyright © 2013 by Gregory J. Holch. All Rights Reserved.)


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